Soon to be Famous JEFF SQUARES Completely impossible to describe! You just have to trust us and try it to believe it... and yes, everyone says they're worth the calories!

Why do you think we are called Three Layers?

Enjoy your favorite Three Layers' Cakes at Home:

6" - $30 | 9" - $45 | 10" - $60

Come in and try a slice today...we have a couple to choose from in the pastry case.

Our Cakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

BLACK AND WHITE- Devil’s food cake with White Chocolate Mousse between the layers

BUTTER CREAM- Butter Cream cake with Chocolate Icing between the layers

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL- Devil’s food cake with Caramel Mousse between the layers

CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO- Devil’s food cake with Espresso Mousse between the layers

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER- Devil’s food cake with Peanut Butter Mousse between the layers

HOLY COW- Devil’s food cake with Vanilla Mousse between the layers

GERMAN CHOCOLATE- Our version of a classic German Chocolate Cake

Our Cakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing

CARAMEL BUTTER CREAM- Butter cream cake with Caramel Mousse between the layers

CARROT- Our version of the old classic (we think you will like ours better)

COOKIES N CREAM- Devil’s food cake, White chocolate Mousse and OREO coating between the layers

ITALIAN CREAM- Spiced cake with pecans

ORANGE SICLE- Orange cake with Vanilla Mousse between the layers

RED VELVET- Everyone says it is THE BEST red velvet they have ever had!

STRAWBERRY CREAM- Strawberry cake, real strawberries and White Chocolate Mousse between the layers

Our Glazed Cakes

PINEAPPLE DOUBLE DOWN- This is our only double layer cake! With our very own pinapple filling between the layers!

POUND CAKE- Glazed with variety of delicious glazes including chocolate, vanilla, orange, raspberry

THREE-BITS OF HEAVEN- Assorted balls of Three Layers Cake dunked in frosting. These cute balls aspire to grow up to be a whole cake one day.

Our Cupcakes!

Most of our cakes can be made into our mousse filled cupcakes!

Mom's Cookies! Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter

Dad's English Muffin Bread! Sold by the loaf

Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake!

We always have a variety of seasonal pies, Key Lime Pie and Cheesecake!

OH....and Ice Cream! YUM

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