When Irish Wines Are Smiling......

St. Patrick's Day is over and I have had my fill of green beer. Now I can get back on track to sight seeing and wine tasting. Yep! This week I traveled to Las Vegas for some much needed rest and relaxation. Vegas is a great place to visit if your a foodie and an even better place to find a beautiful glass of wine. There is an almost overwhelming selection of restaurants and wine bars from which to choose. Do I eat like and drink like a local or have the fine wine dining experience? Eh. It's Vegas. Why not do both.

I am excited to try a wine bar right on the strip called, Aureole! It houses 9,865 wine bottles in over four stories. They have what they call Wine Angels who can retrieve one of these bottles for you mechanically by being hoisted into the air and back to the ground in 10 seconds. I have to tell you, this excites me. Wine is undoubtedly a nectar from the Gods - so the thought of a glass being brought to my table by an angel? I want this!

That may be a lot to choose from, but it just goes to show that there are so many wines out there to sample. The best way to see what wines fit you and your tastebuds is to try several different wines. Step outside of your comfort zone. Explore varietals you haven't heard of. And always remember....your tastebuds are ever changing.

The Irish say "May your glass be ever full". Only 364 more days until the next St. Patrick's Day!

I wine when I'm in Las Vegas. Where do you wine?

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