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Everyone has a story....this is mine. My name is Amy and I am one of the newest layers at Three Layer's Cafe. I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida and recently returned to my home town. Since I initially left, I have served in the Air Force, lived and traveled overseas, worked alongside our U.S. embassies, and had the opportunity to be educated by E&J Gallo in wine! For eight years I studied, served, educated, and shared my passion for my personal favorite libation.

Some people are intimidated by wine, and I can see why. There is an entirely different language used to describe the flavors, aromas and varietals. I want to show the beauty of wine and how everyone's tastes are different. And most of all, I want to showcase the personal connection each individual can have to this delicious beverage.

That is why I was so excited to come on board with Three Layer's Cafe! We have some unique and fun ways to taste, pair, and enjoy a quality glass of wine...not to mention delectable treats. Be sure to check out our Social Calendar and Facebook page for the latest details. Or just drop in and say "Hi."

I love wine's why I wine. What makes you wine?

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