Jerry Brown, born February 16, 1993 to Denise Green and Jerry Brown, arrived home on day 4 with a poked out lip and a “leave me be” attitude, which landed him the nickname “Mr. Tude!” He quickly outgrew the meaning of that name with a smile that brightened the room and a "help in anyway he can" attitude. Living at home with his mom and grandmother, he attended “Greater Beulah Missionary Baptist Church” faithfully. If the doors of the church were open, he was present and accounted for. His love for Christ grew along with his passion for worship through song. While at William M. Raines High school, he began to excel as a young man and perfect his vocal ability. This gave him the confidence to be the praise and worship leader at Beulah, a member of Voices of Praise, a member of The Abundant Choral, United Worship, and the musical director at King Solomon. As you can see, he loved to sing, but his time at Raines was not all spent singing down the halls. He was also a scholar, a member of the elite Rainesmen, and served on the student council.

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